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Featured on the Not Just Jazz Network:  G.E.Q. Entertainment has launched a new Sync Licensing Music Production Division, new website and new single, “Nobody Knows I’m Here”.

Seasoned veteran musician, composer and owner of G.E.Q. Entertainment, Guymon Ensley has developed his latest brainchild of composing music for all media, a new website and single “Nobody Knows I’m Here”.

After decades of musical accomplishments, trumpeter Guymon Ensley, has carved out a niche that has taken off like wildfire. Sync Licensing Music Production is a very lucrative business in the entertainment industry and it allows for full creativity by its creators. Guymon Ensley has produced cues for film and television of various genres for the last four years. He has found the winning formula for creating emotional and adventurous orchestral music as well as corporate and world cues, all enhanced by live horns. His work includes music for advertising, documentaries, underscoring, themes and trailers.  With over 100 tracks of original compositions placed in exclusive libraries domestically, Brazil and the United Kingdom, G.E.Q‘s Sync Licensing Music Production Division found continued success.

An accomplished trumpeter and a prolific composer, Guymon has produced music professionally across genre lines for over two decades. Having released four albums and six single award-winning projects, he continues to produce music for his band G.E.Q. (the Guymon Ensley Quintet) as well as numerous other ensembles, vocalists, spoken word artists and audio book productions.  

“His latest single “Nobody Knows I’m Here” has a solid groove throughout with tight horns and a driving swing that compliments Guymon’s tasteful horn arrangements.  The rest of the band has a cohesive vibe that brings the song to life” says Jaijai Jackson, Creator of the Not Just Jazz Network.

Ensley received a SILVER MEDAL during the March 2019 Global Music Awards for his New Age project entitled “Meditative Grooves” comprised of developing sounds that inspire stillness and music that is thought-provoking, yet still possess an inspiring “groove.” Guymon states "composing and recording this project was special for me, it's so different from anything else I've ever done, it drove and inspired me beyond belief."  

Be sure to come by and check out Guymon Ensley’s feature on the Not Just Jazz Network this month. To learn more and to purchase “Nobody Knows I’m Here” or any of Guy's music, go to