This Comes With It

Guymon Ensley

“This Comes With It” – is the melding of thoughts, experiences, sounds and melodies that complement the musical journey of Guymon Ensley. This project, Ensley’s fourth, is a slight departure from his straight ahead, classic jazz offerings. Ensley is keeping with the industry trend by independent artists of releasing EPs of 6 to 7 tunes instead of a full 10 to 12 song project. This enables him to delve into other genres of music to reach an eclectic audience of listeners.

The title, “This Comes With It,” lets you know that, musically, this is a gift from a power greater than the writer or performers. When you listen to this project, feel and understand how intricately the music is created and presented with you, the listener, in mind. There is a musical synergy that will move you and may cause some sporadic head bobbing and finger snapping.

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