1. B4U Dip B Sure

From the recording B4U Dip B Sure


This tune is about a mature woman who's finally come to recognize and realize her worth. She embraces the essence she deserves the very best. She recognizes the I'm Perfection in her imperfection. Her mind's finally reached her heart and knows the Energy of the Creator is the Synergy inside her. 
She's funny, sexy, jazzy, a granma, with the little girl still inside her. She's unabashed to say she's walked thru the fire and ran thru the storm. She's awakened to the Beauty inside of her.She's outgrown the illusion of the unnecessary play of the game...it's no longer enuf for her. She's alluringly seasoned and marvelously mature. She has a lot to give and she makes it plain and clear...B4U Dip B SureAll the Alluringly Seasoned and Marvelously Mature, say it with me...Dippin' N2 my Mind is like goin' thru my purse. B4U Dip B Sure