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CD -"This Comes With It"

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“This Comes With It” – is the melding of thoughts, experiences, sounds and melodies that complement the musical journey of Guymon Ensley.   This project, Ensley’s fourth, is a slight departure from his straight ahead, classic jazz offerings.

The title, “This Comes With It,” lets you know that, musically, this is a gift from a power greater than the writer or performers.   When you listen to this project, feel and understand how intricately the music is created and presented with you, the listener, in mind.  There is a musical synergy that will move you and may cause some sporadic head bobbing and finger snapping.

Ensley is keeping with the industry trend by independent artists of releasing EPs of 6 to 7 tunes instead of a full 10 to 12 song project.  This enables him to delve into other genres of music to reach an eclectic audience of listeners. 

As I participated and then listened to this project, I experienced the professionalism, integrity and the hours of musical sweat equity that it takes to go from thoughts to sessions to music … All of that and more comes with it.

Gisele “Gee” Caver

Key Of Gee Entertainment Consultants

 Guymon Thanks ...

* Both of my heros, Mommy and Daddy ... there’s nothing more to say. 

* Lisa "Leeba" for your love and support.  Your courage and strength in the face of life changing circumstances keeps me focused  and motivated to keep creating music.

*  Dr. Dawley & Staff for your support and keeping the "chops" together.

* The fellas at Enterprise for your support and encouragement.

* “Gee”  for being my unofficial, official Executive Producer of this project. Thank you for keeping me on point. Real friendship is      priceless.

* “Sonny Lem” for your advice, encouragement and support. 

* “KT” for forcing yourself to listen to those raw tracks and for your encouragement and support. 

* Kermit, my little brother, my #1 fan.


 1)  Leeba  3:36~This song is a swell of movements and textures that gives you a hint of Ensley’s love for a big sound that ebbs and flows.

Guymon Ensley – trumpets, flugel horn, trombone, keys, string & percussion programing / Takashi Iio - upright bass 

2)  This Comes With It  5:43~A coquettish and fun instrumental selection that includes some interaction between some unusual suspects.

Guymon Ensley - flugel horn, drum & string programing /  Dwayne Collins – Guitar / Mike Evans – keys / Pathe Jassi – electric bass / Gisele "Gee" Caver - female voice /  Odel Jones - male voice / Hoggy Horn Section / Voices of Tugg & DoLove – background vocals

3)  Groozin’  5:49~This is an “open the sun roof” and hit the highway tune while you Groove and Cruise ... Groovin’ while Cruisin’ ...  “ G R O O Z I N ”

Guymon Ensley – trumpet, drum & piano programing / Takashi Iio – electric bass / Randal Wilson – guitar / Hoggy Horn Section / Voices of Tugg & DoLove - background vocals 

4)  Fun Around the Sun With You  4:54~A dreamy, easy flowing song of sounds of a cool island breeze around the sun with you doing nothing ... just doing what we do ... Here, Ensley momentarily steps out of his comfort zone and steps vocally to the mic. 

Guymon Ensley - lead vocal, trumpet, percussion & string programing / Dwayne Collins - guitar / Takashi Iio – electric bass / Phil Lesky – keyboards / Robert Reeves - soprano saxophone / Hoggy Horn Section / Voices of Tugg & DoLove – background vocals

 5)  Running On Empty  4:13~Fast paced, it’s a combination of melodies with Funk and Rock rhythms. This tune will keep you breathless and “running.” 

Guymon Ensley – trumpet, drum programing / Kermit Hoggatt – Organ / Takashi Iio – electric bass / Phil Lesky – keys / Randal Wilson – guitar/ Hoggy Horn Section

 6)  Makeup Lovin'  4:13~ A sixties styled doo wop number which features the lead vocals of Bernard Gibson who has an impressive history with local and international acts which  include the Temptations Review featuring Dennis Edwards.

Guymon Ensley - drum & string programing / Bernard Gibson – lead & background vocal / Phil Lesky – piano / Greg Palmer – backgound vocal / Pathe Jassi – electric bass / Dwayne Collins – guitar / Hoggy Horn Section

 Hoggy Horn Section

Guymon Ensley - Bb, piccolo, bass trumpets, flugel horn, trombone / Fred Bergman - tenor saxophone / Mark Croft – trumpet / "Sonny Lem" Lemons - tenor saxophone / Ben Pruitt - alto, baritone saxophones / Robert Reeves – soprano saxophone

Voices of Tugg & DoLove

Guy /Guymon / Guyby / Guy Guy /  Champ / Hoggy / Doag Boggy / Booker T / Peanut / Gee / Sarge / Hoggatt


* Recorded at GEQ Jazz Lab - Detroit, MI: by Guymon Ensley 

* Edited at My Muzik Studio, Detroit, MI: by Johnny Hogue 

* Mastered at Studio A, Dearborn Heights, MI:by Eric Morgeson 

* Photographs by: Lee Stafford, Passion Of The Eye Photography, Detroit, MI 

* Technical Advisor: Dwayne Collins 

* All songs written and produced by Guymon Ensley for Guymon Ensley Publishing (BMI)

2014 GEQ Jazz Records, Detroit Michigan - - - - - -